Live betting bookmakers

Among the many bookmakers which offer live betting options only a few are recommended and are distinguished by their quality. The fluidity of the interface live betting, the rate of acceptance of bets, the value of the shares, the number of bet types (winner of the match, the exact result, the next goal, next corner, the next marker, etc. ) are all determining factors in defining the real quality of a bookmaker.

It should not be overlooked that some bookmakers also offer the possibility to watch the match live streaming, making the whole experience more enjoyable and effective.

Remember: understanding the behavior of the match is crucial to win when betting live! The staff personally tested interfaces for live betting on sports betting sites available and we could recommend Bet365 as one of the best sites for live betting.

Live betting on Bet365

Live Betting Bet365 is in our opinion the best. The interface is very fast, and allows the player to “jump” quickly between the matches and the other so you can follow more of a live event at the same time. The selection of live betting, particularly football, probably is second to none in Italy. There is always something to play LIVE on the site of Bet365.

Bet365 as a bookmaker operating of what we value most is the “live reading” of the game provided by Bet365 just before the live price is a table showing statistics and news essential, all very useful to support a right strategy to bet live.

The report live betting is done very quickly at Bet365, this helps to circulate money in the wallet allowing players to continue betting live betting covering perhaps more interesting they become gradually available on the site. Bet365 you bet live at a great level, undoubtedly superior to that available on other websites operating in Italy with AAMS license.

For this reason the online bookmaker Bet365 has been classified by 123scommesse the first among the 4 best sites for live betting.